Two New Amazon Prime Musicals ‘Annette’ And ‘Cinderella’

Of all the major types of films, I have to say that the musical is the one I have studied the least, even after all these years.

And all this despite the fact that we lived in Malaysia, where Hindi musicals like Sangam and Bobby used to be and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and the like today were more or less part of our diet for watching movies, at least among the Indian and Malay communities.

Sure, I’ve seen most of the genre, from Singin “In The Rain” to the West Side Story to Busby Berkeley classics like “The Gang’s All Here,” and of course Fred Aster-Ginger Rodgers packages like Swing Time, but unlike from mine. obsessed with genres like horror or screw comedies where I try to find even less critical in-depth titles, I stick to more or less the most important titles in musicals.

In short, it’s a genre I’m not a big fan of, but I’m always ready to watch it if the opportunity arises, knowing full well what viewers are required to fully appreciate the art and professionalism of the films, and of course. the magic of the movie that comes with them when they are well performed.

It is a genre that has always existed throughout the history of audio files, and to this day musicals are made, either as TV series like Glee and High School Musical or as big Hollywood movies as La La Land and Chicago.

But today it is really rare to see two musicals that are released only every month on the same streaming platform, both more or less advertised as major releases.

Two completely different movie nerves, although both movies belong to the same genre, I have to give props to Amazon Prime for this, because while one of them (Cinderella, who was supposedly number one) in the US VOD title at the time of its release this weekend, was 1.1 million American households) a guaranteed hit; in him.


Contemporary mainstream musical in the usual mode of Glee and Disney. Tolerance for this new version of Cinderella largely depends on how much you feel the need for Hollywood to make another version of Cinderella.

If you feel like you’ve seen enough Cinderella, then I don’t think this new version of Pitch Perfect author Kay Cannon (who also directed Blockers before) will change your mind.

She’s trying to change things here and there, and now she has a more feminist perspective that Ella wants nothing more than to be her own girlfriend boss in a successful sewing business.

The characters here make many choices from Ella to Prince Nicholas and the more prominent Princess Gwen, who emphasizes the importance of making one’s own choices and creating one’s own destiny, social norms are hellishly important.

Even Fabulous Godmother is a fun and wonderful way to dispel expectations of being a fairy godfather.

His arrival in the film took the whole thing to new heights thanks to the insolent sense of humor of the film.

Despite a new attempt to change things using modern songs like The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation, and Madonna’s Material Girl, this mix, a la Pitch Perfect, is still an obsolete familiar air. in the air, thanks to this story told so many times.


If Cinderella feels a bit outdated due to her excessive knowledge of her building blocks, there is no such problem, because the latest film by Leos Carax has everything we could hope for from a film made not only with complete freedom of speech but also with a significant budget. . .

Even the beginning of the movie where we first see Carax asking the band (the legendary rock duo Sparks) in the studio “So may we start”, after which the band starts playing a song called So May We Start, and then continues to Walk out of the studio and follow the stars Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard, it already fills your heart with joy and gladness.

Carax tells the story of opera singer Ann (Cotillard) and provocative comedian Henry (Driver) and their tumultuous romance and marriage. Why I said it is wildest when it comes, I leave to you to find out.

Brave as his latest film, Holy Motors, which is much admired, the film benefits immensely from the appeal of Sparks songs (who also wrote the original story), and the irresistible melodies provide an extremely solid foundation for many Carax cinematographers. Fancy flights throughout the film, the climax of the film, the duet of Henry and Annette will surely delight all viewers with silence not only for the emotionality of the performance but also for the unforgettable power of the melodies of the song.

One of the most beautiful films of 2021. If you like the movie, please ask for this one.

His tone may require a little getting used to at first, but stick to it and you will be rewarded with an absolutely unforgettable experience.

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