Two Blockbuster Movies The Suicide Squad and Jungle Cruise

As the number of Covid-19s has skyrocketed to more than 20,000 a day in the past two weeks, I can’t help but feel the jealousy of the filmmakers in me among the movie fans in the United States who enjoy going to the movies, and that’s not only the expected blockbusters like Black Widow, The Suicide Squad, Snake Eyes, and Old, but also indie tariffs like Green Knight.

Even our friends in Singapore can watch these movies at the cinema!

Of course, the epidemic forced the studio to reconsider their traditional theater windows before releasing their images on home film, which led to some films opening with theaters and on streaming platforms like HBO Max and Disney +, which at least helps fans love it. us. this side of the world can enjoy these new movies as well.

It was a very worthwhile summer for the movies, although it alleviates a bit of their lack of experience in the cinema, with the adrenaline rush of getting a movie ticket for the first time. to see things completely unseen by watching the movie. experience over the past two years.

The film is very solid, with The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, A Quiet Place Part II and F9: The Fast Saga giving popcorn fun (no matter how funny F9 is) and Black Widow appears to be somewhat large. disappointment.

Two recently released movies, which you can watch on HBO Max and Disney + respectively, have proven to be a real highlight of this summer’s blockbuster season for you.

While I would love to see these two extravaganzas on the big screen, with eye-catching visual elements and sound mixing, they have certainly been enhanced with the cinema’s standard sound system. , watching them at home on my little TV. and the home theater kit is already exciting!

The Suicide Squad

Let’s take a closer look from the beginning, this soft sequel to the Suicide Squad movie is definitely not for kids.

Like the Deadpool movie, this is an R-rated superhero movie, probably the most violent and bad superhero movie of all time.

More or less, despite the first suicides, the studio admits that what the final product promised was not related to the disrespectful and lyrical attitude of the truth about the comic.

James Gunn was hired not because he made the film Guardians of the Galaxy, but because he made films like Super and Slitter and wrote the classic Tromio & Juliet.

Released a movie gun that perfectly matches the feel of the above movies to a single, good tone and twisted entertainment machine.

The story of the gangs of criminals and innocents who send them to the country of Cട്ടോrdoba Maltese, where a brutal dictatorship was overthrown due to a military coup, is more or less the same as the first. Project Starfish has been suspended.

But it was at the execution (Pune was meant entirely) that the gun really made its mark, with a flowery Harley Quinn action (which I like (with a cruel but funny line) after the shockingly powerful military camp attacks). Sequence recorded in a fun and beautiful superhero movie.

Leading popcorn entertainment.

Jungle Cruise

As a fan of the work of director Jam Colette-Serra (famous The Shalos, The Commuter, Run All Night), I was amazed at what he has done over the last few years as there is no news about it. He will be directing a new Liam Neeson film.

I felt like I was in the wrong place when it came to this new Disney movie based on the train in the park, starring none other than Colette-Zera, starring The Rock and Emily Blunt. Self!

But fear not, it’s ideal for family viewing and packs all the boxes in anticipation of a good Disney production.

Dr. Blunt, who employs the ship’s Captain Frank Wolf (Dwayne Johnson). Along with the character of Lily Houghton, the story that features the legendary tree of tears for flowers that are said to cure all ailments is a bit confusing (but very easy to follow). . To help him on his journey (The Rock)

Like the combination of Indiana Jones, The African Queen, Fitzscaroldo, and Pirates of the Caribbean, audiences who have seen the old film will appreciate the chemistry between Johnson and Blunt, reminiscent of the humor between Humphrey Bogart and Blunt. Katherine Hepburn or Michael Douglas in The African Queen and Kathleen Turner in the romance The Stone, Colette-sera create dramatic performances with her usual strength and courage, a film that presents us with so much fun. A new franchise for Disney.

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