The Pandemic Surviving Another Year

If I had to explain how 2021 is to me, Lord of the Rings Bilbo Baggins would definitely say it best.

2021 doesn’t feel like 2020 is beyond what we can tolerate.

Despite years of mental health promotion and suicide prevention, I struggled to be honest and “improve”.
After the Sheraton move, national politics did not go well. Racial and religious rhetoric is accelerating, promised laptops are still limited, and there seem to be new political appointments every week.

Being a Malaysian now feels like you are trapped in a very horrible audience, without anyone knowing what you are doing and nothing to enjoy.

If anyone finds it easier to throw a lion than to withstand a show, you can’t blame the audience.

Future methods

So what can we remember in these very uncertain times?

The economy is volatile, the ringgit has fallen to its lowest level in recent years, and now politicians are telling people to plant their grass only if they are very high.

Perhaps one of the few things Malaysia needs to do is supply adequate vaccines.

As previous sanctions have shown, neither the government nor banks are so useful that sanctions cannot be an option.

Instead, you just have to do what is available in some countries. This means imposing restrictions only on unvaccinated countries or at least imposing more restrictions on things they can do, or not having a shot means more testing than others. You have to understand that. ..

People walk in front of the Prihatin Malaysia poster in Labuan on 19 August 2021. -Bernama photo
People walk in front of the Prihatin Malaysia poster in Labuan on 19 August 2021. -Bernama photo
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The pandemic has broken out a lot. The system, people, and I don’t like to be grumpy because he wants a silver lining, especially after so many have died.

As Daenerys Targaryen said in Game of Thrones, to quote another popular pop culture franchise, “Looking back, I got lost.”

It makes no sense to try to hide the pain and sadness we experience collectively. No matter how difficult it is, I feel that making a living is the only step forward.

We want to reclaim not only the world but ourselves as well.

The jokes I often tell my classmates are remorse and the “what if” scenario is useless. Because I miss the bus.

The bus doesn’t care about your five-year plans, your hopes, and dreams, or this epidemic.

I also accept the fact that our politicians do not care about our well-being. It is therefore a waste of energy to be angry, frustrated, or sad about their predictable incompetence.

All I can do is vote. All I do is take a break whenever I need it and don’t wait too long to take a break before it breaks.

There are days when life doesn’t seem worth it to you and me. But middle age taught me that every day is as painful as possible and there is only one consequence to death.

There is still potential in life, which is called hope.

Even desperate politicians hope to guide us into this epidemic.

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