Finas 2021: FFM31 to be held on Dec 10

The Malaysian National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) will host the 31st Malaysian Film Festival (FFM31) today, December 10, in accordance with the standard operating procedures and guidelines set by the government. I announced.

Chairman Zakaria Abdul Hameed said in a press conference today that the festival, which has been postponed several times due to the epidemic of Kwid-19, will be held at the Plenary Hall of Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC).

It had 32 entries in a total of 55 films, including Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin (8), Tamil (11), and others (4), competing in 28 categories in “Citra Cinema”.

Also present were Minister for Communications and Multimedia Tan Sri Anwar Musa, Chief Executive Officer of Finance Dr. Muhammad Nasir Ibrahim, and Chairman of the Entertainment Journalists and Writers Association of Malaysia (WHAM) Datuk Tengku Khaleda Tengku Bidin.
Zakaria said that various side events related to FFM31 will be held, including watching programs and screening of the film in selected cinemas across the country.

He added that the best film category which won the most coveted award would receive a trophy of RM500,000 and a digital content fund.

Golf is A Funny But Very Interesting Game

When I won my first PGA Tour at AT&T Byron Nelson in May, one of the best messages I received was from my parents sending me a congratulatory video. They were very happy to see my success, but it gave me a mixed feeling of joy and sadness. Like most people, my parents have made many sacrifices for me.

They’ve supported me in golf since I was young, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them in person because of Covid-19. For several years in my golf, they never told me to stop playing sports, even if my game didn’t go well. My dad wanted to be a baseball player when he was young, but his parents were against it. She couldn’t achieve what she wanted, so she definitely supported my dream.

When I was 13, I chased my dad to the driving range and ended up taking some lessons. I started later than my friend, but the instructor was so encouraging to me that I loved playing golf. He also bragged to others about my swing, and this boosted my confidence and made me work harder.

My mother, who was a violin teacher, taught me the violin, but it was ineffective. When he asked me to practice 10 times, I did it unplanned and unfocused. Golf is different. It was really fun for me, and I was able to spend hours in the range.

The highlight was that he joined the Korean national team at the age of 18 and won the team’s gold medal at the 2010 Asian Games. It was a beautiful moment. I remember it was a rocky road because we were expected to win medals and we were under great pressure. Our training round didn’t go well, but when the competition started, we played almost free and didn’t feel the pressure. Our teamwork has come together and we have made money. Golf is an exciting sport … you can struggle with it, and then it comes back in no time.

Throughout my golf journey, my dad was a great encouragement, helpful in every way possible, and was there from the beginning. We go abroad and train together every winter and he has been my driver for all my golf tournaments. Meanwhile, my mom was at home running a family restaurant business.

While I was playing on the Korn / Ferry Tour in 2016, my dad went to America with me. He knew he was having trouble with food because it was hard to find a good Korean or Asian restaurant. To make matters worse, he had to pull out his teeth on one of our trips! As an only child, my parents did everything I could, but I couldn’t thank them enough.

My victory at AT&T Byron Nelson paid off for all my efforts and sacrifices. It’s been five years since I came to the United States, and my dream has always been to win the best tour in the world. I was amazed when I walked into the 18th green with the lead, and I was happy because I won the battle with myself.

This victory will open up many opportunities. Enjoy victory at all times. Although Kyung Choi didn’t play that day, I have some fond memories of when I saw Kyung Choi waiting on the green edge. He blessed and gave me a hug. Now, like Choi Kyung-shu, I want to help young Korean golfers. He was a source of enthusiasm and kept telling me that I would eventually win. Those words are loud when you are struggling.

But honestly, I didn’t expect to win. My focus for this week is to regain a good feeling with my putter, which has been my biggest challenge before. At the beginning of the week, I replaced the putter I had used for the past 6 years and came out on the course with just a new wedge and putter in the training round. I played 9 times on Tuesday and 9 more times in Pro-Am and miraculously the new putter worked well.

After winning the championship for the first time in the PGA Championship the following week, he missed a shot on Kaiwar Island but enjoyed fond memories with a round of training with Phil Mickelson, who won the tournament at the age of 50. paddy fields. I’ve never met Phil. It was fun to see the way he practiced and Phil loved golf.

He’s very interested in every shot, so he’s amazing at 50, because he has the energy and drives like a beginner. I can imagine being tired and tired of playing golf at his age, but I can really see the really enjoys golf. It’s a great motivation.

I said earlier that I have two goals in my life. One is to be the best player in the world and the other is to be the sexiest golfer in the world. After winning Byron Nelson, many golfers and fans were so entertained by this story that my goal was Byron.

Being sexy for me means being a muscular man. This is my dream, but maybe not to eat too much. Occasionally I try to skip dinner after a big lunch, but when it comes time for dinner, I’m usually hungry again. Maybe I’ll be hungry to win more in the PGA Tour.

The regular season ends in August, so my goal is to take part in the Tour Tournament. Only the top 30 in the FedEx Cup rankings are, and I’ve never achieved this. I am in a good position, so I will do my best.

Another goal is to play well in major tournaments, including the US Open this week. I think we need more experience to prepare for it. I have to work hard to achieve my goals and keep my focus on a mental and physical approach. This is my first win and I want to win even more. It was a great feeling to finish it and I can’t wait for the next one. I want to make my people and team happy, especially my parents.

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