Enjoy Rural Horror Comedies With ‘Werewolves Within’

Of the many comedy subdivisions available there, two always seem appealing to me, especially when taking advantage of opportunities in new and relatively radar-controlled films.

The first is Stoner Comedy, a subculture that is my personal favorite among most comedy fans.

Its giants include Super Bad, Pineapple Express, Harold & Kumar Movies, Cheech & Chung Movies, Never Go Back, and The Beach Bum.

The second horror-comedy is more popular with movie fans than regular comedy fans, but the disorder caused by the mixture of the two already chaotic genres makes this sub-genre particularly high. ..

Not to mention the latest examples like The Final Girls, witnessing the crazy surprises that can be cooked if this subdivision is done correctly, the Immortal Army of Darkness (ie Evil Dead 3) or Return of the Take a look at Living Dead. .. Tucker and Dale vs. evil and what we are doing in the shadows.

Recently, horror-comedy has become a hot topic, with the low-budget movie Werewolves Within surpassing certain box office performance and charting various VOD titles on various streaming platforms, including iTunes’ second place.

Naturally, I had to check the movie. It, of course, had few fanfares and was forced to pay attention to another previously opened horror-comedy.

Werewolves Within

Based on the multiplayer Ubisoft VR game of the same name that led to the movie’s amazing chart-top success, the movie starring Sam Richardson (Weep and Good Boys Fame) has a recognizable look. Finn, a Forestry Corps who recently moved to a small town in Beaverfield, has begun to live in the town’s only motel.

He soon becomes friends with the local mail carrier Sicily (Mirana Wintorb) and introduces the (very) strange inhabitants of the city. And he soon discovers that there is a very serious division between the people of the town. This is due to the planned gas pipeline. .. Those who are willing to sell their land and those who are not willing to sell it.

But all this is just the background sound of the movie’s main hook. That is, wolves are lurking between them, attacking the inhabitants and their dogs and destroying their property.

Directed by Josh Ruben, who directed Square Me last year, the film has been greatly helped by the comedy talent of each actor. The townspeople are all skeptical and can’t overcome the irony of WolfCop’s makeover scene, but the wolf’s makeover scene is thrown in, but I have to feel that the humor of the whole movie is a little off. It’s too wide to be in your own interest.

I still laughed and nodded, but wondered what the movie would look like if the comedy tone was a bit too wide and needed a sharper execution in terms of editing and comic timing.

Boys From County Hell

With that in mind, I searched for another horror comedy to see if questions about wider comedy tones and sharper executions of editing and comic timing would actually lead to a better movie.

I got a very nice answer from Hell in the form of an Irish horror-comedy boy. Like werewolves, this is another small-town horror movie set in the Irish countryside, where vampires replace the werewolves.

Writer and director Chris Bug uses the legendary Irish Abaltach (some scholars claim to be inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula) by throwing an Irish spin and playing with a regular vampire formula. , Here we do it another way. The sights we’ve never seen in a vampire movie are the most notable to me. Whenever people are nearby, it is a sight of blood flowing from people’s holes in the form of blood.

Our protagonist is Eugene (Jack Rowan), and his best spouse and father are engaged in highway bypass contract work to move the land where Abaltach’s tomb is located.

No one believes the legend is true, as even town pubs are called stalkers. Of course, Eugene and his team were willing to work on their work, and as a result, they released Abarth ിനെk for a feast in their favorite village, but their alcoholism. Crashing jokes that evoke all sorts of laughter and laughter in the audience.

By beautifully balancing the comedy and horror aspects, Bo does the exemplary job of providing a fun, entertaining, intimidating, and truly emotional film. Really one of the highlights of the year.

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