Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 Malaysia – Christmas 2021 Events in Malaysia

Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 Kuala Lumpur

No matter whether you are naughty or nice this year, we can all do with a little more love the way 2021 has treated us right now. Here we are making it easy to gift gifts with some Christmas gift ideas for the cheerful and luxury traveler.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 Kuala Lumpur
Five spa vouchers for five
Who doesn’t love good? Malaysia’s own spa town is currently running a fantastic deal. You can buy five spa treatments (RM 1500) and five other home appliances. It is a victory for both the giver and the recipient! The sessions can be obtained at any of Malaysia’s ten spa villages, and are valid for two years.

Teak Platter

During the festive season, the beautiful tech plates of Favory Home & Living make wonderful gifts that can be used immediately. The natural functions of the art are as severe as the climatic conditions of the trees, which, over time, arise from the experience, such as drought and monsoons, and the more specific line will be. It reminds me of men who are in the shape of challenging situations; Our roles are designed to be lightweight, not when moving easily. I think they are a very appropriate gift for 2020.

Prices range from RM70 to RM250 depending on size and grain. You can browse their flagship store at Mont Kiara, a small range at The Lincoln, or go straight to the Internet to see their full range.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 Malaysia

Chopping Board

Continuing the theme of natural wood, Dusty Monkey Studio’s handmade cutting boards are another great option. Made from maternity-end grain, the blade of your knife will be cut through the fibers of the tree, instead of cut through fibers, as is usually the case with cheaper front green wood cutting boards. The nature of the buttboard keeps your knife longer because they do not cut into hard wood and treat themselves as the wood fibers return to their original position.

The boards are attached to the books as they are specially cut to give a beautiful reflective image; Therefore, each board is unique, and two boards are not the same! These boards are treated with homemade preparations that contain cosmetic grade mineral oil and pure wax. The glue is imported from the United States and is FDA approved. As with all wood cutting boards, you should not cut meat or fish on them, as the bacteria can penetrate the wood.

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For the home gardener, this Nutrenics gift set is a secret weapon. The plant is packed with bio-stimulant natural herbs that promote soil health, break down poisons into more bioavailable compounds, suppress disease-causing microbes, and provide nutrients to plants. This is a little more love for your plant, which is 100% natural and not harmful to humans or the environment.

The Nutrenics team has developed a gift set (RM 50) to help those who think they have no green fingers. Includes a spray bottle, condensate refill, and some fertilizer to prepare. These are the essential raw ingredients that are essential for the plant to function optimally. Previously, Nutrenics primarily focused on farmers, but in closing, they recognize that many people are trying to grow their own food, so this pack is aimed at urban residents who want to try it.

Christmas 2021 Events in Malaysia

Nail Art

One of my favorite beauties this year is Manicure, a nail salon in Sri Petaling that offers five star service in a beautiful environment. The technicians here are so good that I’m ready to travel far from my home in the city center to do my nails there. A nail art manicure and pedicure voucher are a gift that keeps on giving. Seeing my festive nails at work and at home at random times makes that moment a bit of a joy. Take a look at some of her beautiful nail designs and find her gift vouchers here.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2021 Malaysia

Wellness Subscription Box

I think subscriptions are wonderful gifts as the recipient is treated throughout the year (or chosen period; they are a gift that keeps on giving.) OhmBox is Asia’s first healing and health subscription box, proudly based in Malaysia. Is given each month and contains a variety of products – promoting holistic living and self-esteem, services / workshops / classes, and healing crystals based on a variety of topics – The platform aims to focus on mental health. The alternative is to share healing information.

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